EA has recently enabled Price Ranges in the FUT 15 Transfer Market, and each FUT item, like players, in-forms, consumables, and club items, will have the highest and lowest coin prices to be sold on the market. With the release of this feature, there are some changes among players’ prices, which enlarge the gap among gamers.

Although EA claimed that the Price Range for each FUT item is set wide enough for gamers to still enjoy trading on the Transfer Market, it is obviously not, because EA want to make people dependant on FIFA Points.

On one hand, they enlarge the gap of players’ prices. Currently, the amount of Silver agenda absolutely abatement and some of them become banknote already. However, some players are out of the ability in amount for a lot of people, like Messi whose everyman amount is 5000K. Winning a match, you can get alone 500 FIFA 15 coins and anniversary bout would yield 20 minutes. Thus, how abundant time will you absorb in adjustment to buy a Messi? Certainly, you may get one through packs, but you accept to pay for big-ticket FIFA points. On the contrary, humans with top-grade players will be able to barter for others freely.

On the other hand, there is also a limit to buy FIFA 15 coins   online. If you want more coins through the Transfer Market, you have to sell the corresponding players. It is so pity.

In spite of price caps for each player, is trying to figure out the best way to trade FIFA 15 coins. Fortunately, this feature has no effect on FIFA 15 Android coins and IOS, and we will still have cheapest FIFA 15 coins IOS and Android in stock.

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