Please read everything I'm getting tired of explaining everyone on how to play there positions correct cam,LCM,lm,rm doesn't all mean striker -.- and striker your not cm or cdm stay up  Looking for one more manager different time zone but good world class quality

Manager: Wilian64 for usa east coast

Manager: RoozaayCorleone for Uk

We are open to anyone but understand that if you do not fit the Role you think you should play, we will ask that you adjust and try a different position and don't come in forums crying and calling me out, cause your not fit for squad. Players of [http:// FIFA 15 coins] that simply smash passes towards a team-mate, will not do. We want to keep possession and limit the opportunities that the opposition has while still being creative but know your limits.

Formation: 4-4-2 Diamond wide or 4-1-4-1 or 4-3-3 holding

Positions Open:

Striker - Holdup / Aerial amateur that can "Lead the Line", you may not blow the brawl a lot but accept it's your job to stick up there and accord the apostle headaches. I rather accept one but two works abundant if you anticipate akin

Cm's not cam(big difference)- charge anyone to augment the strikers with through assurance but not all the times aswell your job to play lm/rm the aforementioned bulk consistently authoritative simple passes/plays that will advice us apprehend us, your best acquaintance in midfield is cpu even if they suck! Could cause it's a 11-11 not a 3/4 vs 11

CDM - Ballwinning, but positional-intelligent player. This amateur have to accept that traveling advanced is a endure resort. Have to be able to advice the CBs get out of agitation and hotlink to the Midfield.

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