This latest version of the hit soccer simulation is focused around the popular Ultimate Team mode, which involves building a team based on real-world players and buying packs of player of FIFA 15 coins cards to help improve the team. Note that the bold is appealing abundant alone just about architecture the Ultimate Team, as the alone way to play as teams besides your own are in the Games of the Week mode, which are based about the club you choose, including their real-world schedule. Last year's adaptation offered IAP to alleviate the adeptness to play quick matches with anybody. For the team you're building up, you can choose to play out the matches they play in the various quick matches, seasons, and tournaments, or take part in quick simulations.

One of the best new features is MFi gamepad support, though with iOS 8's gamepad issues that may not be much good yet – there were issues on the iPad Mini Retina when I tested. Thankfully, there's aswell new touchscreen ascendancy options such as Tactical Dribbling that will advice with the basic controls. The soccer action should otherwise feel familiar to veterans of the series, though things like showing the arrows for optional functions on the virtual buttons go a long way toward being friendly to both newcomers and veterans, so there's no memorization of which slide gesture on which button does the shot that curves into the goal. What a time to be alive.

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