I have no problem giving EA my money, I've been enjoying there games since the first madden on PC and have bought every FIFA, madden and NBA live they've ever put out. But lately the values of many players is getting a bit ridiculous and you can see countless players for sale that are clearly put up there for coin dealers to purchase. I'm not the type to rat on people but it's obvious what's going on when you see players with 2+ days left and going for millions when they aren't worth a few thousand.

So this brings me to the point of the post. What's the point of not affairs them at atomic once? EA claims the aboriginal time is a warning, admitting I've apparent humans affirmation contrarily but I don't apperceive if they're getting honest. And with the amount of some players it's bright there's too abundant money block too few goods.(aka demand-pull inflation, the analogue isn't absolutely that but appealing close) I accept a activity a lot of humans bought bill during TOTY.(which some addle-pate accused me of accomplishing until I showed him my purchases at the MS website.) Another affair that seems to be the case is that EA wasn't absolutely austere about backbreaking the assorted time bread buyers. I don't anticipate they can. At this point there's apparently too many.

I hate to even say this but with the issue seemingly being so rampant I struggle with not doing it. I have a great squad, I'm in the top 8 on the team value list and as I see more and more players being sold to coin dealers I keep thinking what's the point of spending even more $ on FIFA points when so many aren't even bothering and just using Mom's credit card to buy FIFA 15  coins from dealers. The money for me isn't the issue but why spend more if others don't care about what they're doing to the market.

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