20. Robert Lewandowski (Bayern Munich) – 4.90 million goals

The Bayern Munich striker costs around the 100,000 FIFA 15 coins PS3  mark, so is more difficult for players to have in their team, which probably results in him being so low on the list.

19. Mario Mandzukic (Atletico Madrid) – 4.90 million goals

Behind Karim Benzema, Mandzukic is probably the best striker in La Liga in terms of the coins you would have to spend to have him in your team. Barely costing a few thousand throughout the duration of the game, Mandzukic evidently can finish chances.

18. Stevan Jovetic (Manchester City) – 5.05 million goals

Personally, Jovetic has been one of my favourite strikers on Ultimate Team over the past two seasons. Not an expensive player, but in front of goal, finishes just as well as the more expensive strikers.

17. Rodrigo (Valencia) – 5.48 million goals

Rodrigo was a popular choice last season in Liga Portuguese teams when he played for Benfica. This year, with a move to a more popular league, it’s no surprise that the Spanish forward is again a popular player.

16. Gonzalo Higuain (Napoli) – 5.50 million goals

Higuain, throughout FIFA Ultimate Team, is another striker that has never been too expensive, due to his lack of pace. That has given players a renowned finisher for a fraction of the price of others (for example the next player on the list).

15. Carlos Tevez (Juventus) – 5.63 million goals

Carlos Tevez, since his move to Juventus, has become the number one striker in the Serie A and his price on FIFA shows that. I have no qualms in saying that, if he were cheaper at the beginning of games (started at around 60,000 coins) then he would have almost double that total.

14. Ciro Immobile (Dortmund) – 5.75 million goals

Ciro Immobile is a new striker in the Bundesliga, a league where there are not that many options. Realistically you have the Italian, his team mate Adrian Ramos and Robert Lewandowski. With the price of Lewandowski, it’s no surprise to see the Italian forward is popular.

13. Mario Balotelli (Liverpool) – 6.25 million goals

Mario Balotelli, the man who cannot score in real life, but has been one of the most popular Ultimate Team strikers since he signed for Manchester City. His pace and power have caused many defences problems in-game and his finishing is strong, hence over six million goals scored using the player.

12. Christian Benteke (Aston Villa) – 6.28 million goals

Christian Benteke is what is known on FIFA as a ‘cheap beast’ in my opinion. Especially this year, with the new physicality option on cards, Benteke’s strength is better than most defenders in game and makes him an excellent addition to a team, especially if partnered with a pacey striker.

11. Javier Hernandez (Real Madrid) – 6.30 million goals

The little Mexican has always had an eye for goal and with him being in La Liga, where the striking options are limited for the big spenders; he has become a more popular option for players. A goal scorer, worth the 1,000 coins or so he will cost you.

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