Fifa 15 was one of several high profile games to get a release on the mobile operating systems this year and we tested it out on a Samsung Galaxy S2, which although old, can still handle the title flawlessly.

Those who are used to console gaming will find it pretty difficult to adjust to the new gameplay mechanics, which include tapping the player you want to pass the ball to, tapping a space for a through ball, and swiping the screen to shoot.

Alternatively there are faux buttons on the awning that challenge application a gamepad absolutely well.

If you accept ample hands, artlessly captivation the S2 in both easily and application your thumbs to play is absolutely effective, admitting we begin laying it collapsed on a table and application your basis fingers is aswell a acceptable way to play, at atomic if your easily get tired.

Graphically the bold looks about as acceptable as it can be for adaptable devices, admitting one breadth that is causing abundant annoyance is the Ultimate Aggregation approach that has been glitchy back day one. Some users artlessly can’t admission it, others accept agitation bond it to their Facebook accounts, the servers assume ambiguous and advance is generally lost. It just does not plan as it should.

Quick Sim mode adds a football management theme to the game, where instead of controlling the players individually, you take control of the broader tactics. For example you can increase team effort for a period of time, which may increase the chances of scoring, but this will make players tired quicker, which could make you concede gaols down the line.

Unfortunately there is now career mode, so you’re either FIFA 15 coins playing exhibition matches or Ultimate Team.

This year the game is completely free to play though if you want to expedite the process and speed up your team’s development you can spend money. This has become particularly concerning when glitches ruin your game and you’ve spent money.

With most of the background apps turned off we didn’t experience any lag on the Samsung Galaxy S2.

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