I was apprehensive if you could acknowledgment me a few questions.

I bought FIFA 15 coins for the PS4 based on my adventures with the audience and aswell the advertised appearance such as bigger goalkeepers and posession tackling. I accept to accept I was abundantly afraid at how acceptable a bold it was! My accompany and I absolutely enjoyed arena it, it was a animation of beginning air in allegory to the FIFA 14 which was apparently the affliction FIFA that has anytime been released.

For the aboriginal few weeks we played every night, mainly FIFA 15 Pro Clubs but aswell added modes. Even admitting the scorelines were appealing antic like 7-2 it was an acutely fun and aqueous game. We put the scorelines down to players not getting acclimatized to how to avert on Fifa 15, how the new mechanics and gameplay ill-fitted our possesion casual appearance of play and how the bold in fact bound over the top through assurance and crosses banishment you to play a added aloof and controlled game. For already we never already acquainted cheated out a bold or acquainted like we were traveling to accept at assertive times in the match. It was appealing abundant the complete adverse to FIFA 14 which fabricated it a far above game.

On absolution FIFA 15 was acutely agreeable and we aboveboard discussed how this was traveling to be a acceptable year for FIFA and EA had taken on all the criticism of FIFA 14 and produced an acutely poslished bold and we were blessed with our purchases.

Then came the application updates...

What was already a ablaze FIFA has now been angry aback into FIFA 14 with bigger cartoon and new animations. As a aftereffect we havent played clubs for months if I capital to accept played a bold that resembled FIFA 14 I would accept played FIFA 14.

What i'm cerebration is that absolutely it is actionable to advertise a bold advertised with assertive gameplay mechanics and appearance and again a few weeks after application it so all these new aqueous mechanics are changed aback to how they were endure year? I can't bethink the endure time I won a posession accouterment now it just bounces about everywhere, over the top through assurance are aback and the absolute bold just feels awkward like FIFA 14 was.

I apperceive a lot of humans will get mad at me for this FIFA 15 video but this is how I feel, Hope you guys understand! let me apperceive if you like the application in FIFA 15? FIFA 15 - PATCH UPDATE RANT!!!

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